Month: August 2018

Combining the idea of a restaurant and a bar in one single space, was a dream which the Chico Lobo project dared to pursue.
Chico Lobo is a place, at Rodrigues Lobo Square, that offers everyone a harmonious combination: drinks, food and entertainment through various events.
The essence and reason of existence of this space is to provide a good time.
Despite the winning bet, the whole team has been dedicated to constant innovation e introduction of new concepts.

The space was designed to be a mixture of irreverence and comfort.
It has a bold décor, but is still surrounded by a relaxed ambiance.
There are various rooms and different nooks so it can adapt an experience of well-being for any taste.
From the lighting to the paintings, every detail reflects a philosophy of promoting the history of Chico Lobo. On display: eminent figures, musicians, but also workers from the remodeling works. Our appreciation to those who, throughout the 10 years, shared the construction of this project.

Presenting a variety of Gins with different combinations and for all tastes is one proposition that we have at your disposal.
There is a specific card where you can find a selection of the best Gins, with a panoply of fruit combinations, mixtures and presentations.
There are suggestions to pair with meals as appetizers or to simply enjoy a good company.

The menu is diverse and for every occasion.
Appetizers, Soups, Hamburgers, Noodles, Pastas, Risottos, Steaks, Francesinhas, Salads, Pregos, Savoury and Sweet Crepes, Toasts, you can find all of this in our fix menu.
We also present daily a “Suggestion of the day” with an unpredictable dish that nourishes the chef’s creativity and delights those who lunch here.

We have a specific room, on the upper floor, to receive groups that want a personalized meal.
The price will always be adjusted to the multiple combinations we have to offer, in terms of dishes or drinks.
The idea is to provide a private experience but in an environment swarming with people and music.

Chico Lobo tries to provide different types of events, from the more usual ones like a night to the sound of a DJ set to the more unusual ones like the presentation of motorbikes to the sound of live music.
The variety may involve: unique gastronomic events, with tasting of a hamburger trilogy; musical events with regional or international artists; cultural events like book presentations.
Know about everything on our website or social networks.